Aeroflyinfo Privacy Policy

When you need to collect travel information and use or visit our website, you must accept the privacy policy spontaneously. It is essential to gather the information when you look for a travel service with us at and we collect information directly from you when you make a booking or get any benefit. As per the Aeroflyinfo Privacy Policy we are also reserved for generating information about you and your device while you use our mobile application. Sometimes, you might face a situation where we obtain personal information from third parties, including our group companies, business partners, third-party websites, applications, and services.

Information We Collect and Utilize:

We collect confidential information for professional purposes and have several methods to suitably gather the information we use from our website.

·         We use Personal details to share your name, age, birthday, gender, etc.

·         Provide contact information like email address, postal address, phone number, etc.

·         Share account information like login credentials, email address and password, and account settings.

·         Choose social media data to share your details through the social media services like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.

·         Use billing information to share credit, debit, or other payment card information, and don’t forget to mention the billing address.

How We Use Your Personal Details?

We use the information you provide us while utilizing our Services and get valid details to secure your flight journey. You need to show your bookings and transactions made with our travel partners through Aeroflyinfo Privacy Policy and our group companies, and we will send you marketing communications soon. It provides you with more relevant advertising and offers that may interest you, and we suggest using your details for other purposes.

·         We provide trip services that automatically include your account and share your confidential details when you make a booking using our Services.

·         We use your personal details when we authenticate your account credentials, identify you for the Services, and ensure the security of your account.

·         We are authorized to show your reservations and bookings made through our group companies' websites, applications, and services.

·         When we need to promote our travel service in the travel market, we show your booking for a better market result, which doesn't harm your details.

·         We can process your payment information when someone needs the payment service to book with us.

How We Share and Store Your Personal Details:

You have noticed the better services and to make your details secure every time, and we get the reason to share your confidential data. You can find a better result when you check the service you want and what we need to share your details; we think about it when you need travel market benefits. You will find a way to share and store your personal information for relevant purposes.

·         When you enter the payment details, we ask you to click on the save button and save your card details for future transactions instantly, which has no guarantee for security.

·         We provide you the security to keep your detail secure after getting the service and ensure you will change the log-in ID to keep your details safe.

·         You get the reason to share your essential details, and we have the authority to keep your data secure from our storage from the contact details.

·         If you receive instructions using your username and security code, we will assume you have authorized the instructions to protect your details forever.

·         You must not share your essential user ID and password with any other person, but if you do so and are unable to secure your details, we will not be responsible for this.

Links to other websites:

You may find the services for travel assistance and other important benefits you get with us conveniently. We assure you that you may find the service containing links to other websites or services not owned or controlled by Aeroflyinfo. You check with the links to travel partners' websites and our advertisers, our group companies, and other business partners. This Aeroflyinfo Privacy Policy will assist you in making your travel service perfect. Get only applies to information collected by our Services. You have to accept the policy that we have suggested that you use. Go through the norms and services that you find from our website’s link you can use to make your travel convenient.

Our Liability and Responsibility:

We are responsible for saving your details and the information you shared with us and getting excellent information to secure your data. You can get the assurance to ensure your confidential details when you check with the facility of liability, and we arrange a facility to secure your flight journey. We won’t share your details with any unauthorized person and always take care of the personal details you share with us and find excellent security to your details.