Terms & Conditions for Aeroflyinfo.com

When you access the online booking website, you generally collect the information to achieve the services. You are bound to accept the Aeroflyinfo terms and conditions when you land on the booking website. You need to understand the terms in managing travel and technology in consciousness. So, if you need any products and services in any circumstances, accept and carefully read the terms and conditions for the safety of our website.

Get The Online Terms:

You need to accept the terms of services that you obtain online with this website. You are at Aeroflyinfo.com, representing that you must be at least the age of 18th with a majority in your state or province. If you are different, still access the website. It comes under the illegal or unauthorized objective that you suitably avoid with your liable activities on our website.

Accurateness, Completeness, and Timelessness of Information:

You must not expect a guarantee for obtaining accurate travel details, flight booking service, prices, and other essential information and accept Aeroflyinfo terms and conditions. You must note some crucial activities on our website, and you can’t get complete details.

·         Get the terms and conditions of this website for the latest information when you purchase any services.

·         We can change the services and prices you can’t oppose and ensure you have given a simple acceptance by accepting the terms.

·         Rely upon or be used solely for making decisions by consulting primary, more accurate, complete, and timely sources of information through our website.

·         Responsible for changes to our website for any services and products, and you need to monitor the modification periodically.  

Modification to the Products, Services, and Prices:

When you choose any products and services to utilize on our website, certain products and services are subject to change without notice. Changing prices, products, and services without notice could be possible, and you can’t make it change as per your need and requirement.