How Do I Reset my Singapore Airlines PIN?

Singapore Airlines loyalty program “Krisflyer” registered members are given unique identification PIN that enables users to access their accounts and, modify their bookings, and add additional services. There are many account holders who want to reset their PIN after making an account due to privacy issues. Also, Singapore Airlines has recently introduced the concept of a complex password, which requires customers to reset their initial PIN. If you want to know the steps to process Singapore Airlines Password Reset, then you can refer to the information given below:

Learn: How Do I Reset my Singapore Airlines PIN?

To reset your Singapore Airlines PIN, you are supposed to follow the set of online steps given below:

  • Go to the Singapore Airlines website.
  • Now, you must log into your account by tapping on Avatar, available at the top right corner.
  • Customers must now enter their Krisflyer account-number or linked email address along with the initial password or numeric-PIN.
  • In order to proceed further and change your PIN, you must click on the “proceed” button.
  • To make the changes, you have to undergo two-factor authentication.
  • You will receive an OTP as text on your phone-number that must be inserted to make PIN changes.
  • On verifying your identity, you will be displayed fields to reset a new PIN. 
  • Your pin must qualify for the requirements. 
  • Tap on the submit-button. 
  • Soon, you will get a notification confirming the resetting of your PIN. 

Reasons Why you are not able to Login into your Singapore Airlines Account?

There are many users who, even after registering an account on the airline, have concerns regarding Singapore Airlines Login not working; if you are also currently facing a similar issue, then you can find the cause from the following possible reasons:

  • You are entering an incorrect password or account number/email. 
  • Your internet connection is not stable.
  • The Singapore Airlines website is under maintenance.
  • You are not registered as a Krisfler-member. 
  • If you have attempted to log into your linked account consecutively more than three times, then you will not be able to get into your account for some time. 
  • Your account has been suspended or put on temporary hold, etc. 

How Do I Reset my Singapore Airlines Password?

Singapore Airlines registered members who wish to reset their linked passwords to improve account security are required to go through the instructions given below:

  • Open mobile application of Singapore Airlines.
  • Now, you must click on the “login” button.
  • Next, you must enter your linked email address and click on “Reset your password.”
  • Soon, on your registered email address, you will be delivered a link to reset your password.
  • As you tap on the link, you will find the alternative to enter a new-password.
  • Confirm and save the changes. 
  • You must always make sure that your linked email address and phone numbers are updated to process two-factor authentication. 

How Do I Change my Singapore Airlines Password?

Customers can also change their passwords on Singapore Airlines. Now, you must be searching for the steps to make password modifications. You can refer to the points given below and make the desired changes accordingly:

  • Go to the website of Singapore Airlines.
  • You are now required to log into your account using registered credentials.
  • Now, navigate to your profile.
  • Tap on the security option.
  • As you scroll through the section, you will find an option to change your password. 
  • Click on the alternative and continue.
  • Now, it is important that you enter your initial password followed by a new password.
  • Click on the confirm and save option.
  • You must make sure that your password is strong enough and satisfy the requirements set.

Conclusion: The above-described information is essential to set/reset, or change your Singapore Airlines PIN and password. Even after reading all the information given above, if any doubt prevails regarding Krisflyer-PIN, then customers can contact customer services by calling using phone-number +65 9184 8888/ +1 (833) 727-0118; assistance is available 24/7.

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