How Do I Get my E-Ticket Number on Turkish Airlines?

Characteristic Attributes of Turkish Airlines

Turkish Airlines has been archetypal in the diversified services and amenities that it has been providing to its passengers since the time it started its operation. It has emerged as one of the preferred lines of flight for both long and short-haul journeys. The passenger has always been provided with methodical assistance from the team of the airline, which helps them to have a seamless travel experience. 

The below-given details will give the passengers an insight into the various aspects associated with the reservation of tickets with the airline, along with the modes to download the same. 

How To Find My E-Ticket Number Turkish Airlines?

The passengers who would like to make a booking with Turkish Airlines would like to know firstly, How do I get my e-ticket number on Turkish Airlines?. The e-ticket number is assigned by the customer support team of the airline to the passengers who have made a booking with the airline. It is usually shared on the confirmation mail that the team has shared with the passenger once the booking has been finalized and the payment has been made. In case the passenger is not able to find the e-ticket number in the mail trail, they can directly place a call with the airline to get connected with the representative. 

Is there any app for Turkish Airlines?

Yes, the airline has its own mobile app available. The passenger need not worry about the hassle of visiting the official website every time they want to get particulars related to Turkish Airlines, as the mobile app allows the passenger to gain access from anywhere around the world. The passengers are provided with various amenities through this app, the major support being to download the tickets booked. It acts as the Turkish Airlines ticket download app portal that helps the passenger to make the download through their Android or iOS devices.

Discrete details about the mobile app with Turkish Airlines:

The passenger simply needs to visit the Google Play Store or App Store of their mobile device to download the app. Once the download is complete, they need to log in with the credentials to retrieve their booking and acquire all the required details as per their need. They can also request assistance or support required through the app.

Descriptive details about the check-in process with Turkish Airlines:

The airlines have been given the provision of various modes of check-in as per the comfort of the passenger. The details about the check-in process with the airline are given here as follows:

Web check-in through the online portal:

The passenger can make the Turkish Airlines e ticket check-in, which acts as the most convenient and easy mode of the check-in process, through the steps that have been given here as follows:

  • Skim on the official website of Turkish Airlines.
  • Read across the main page to find the Plan and Book icon at the top end and tap on it.
  • Scroll across the different drop-down options and click on the Check-In/ Manage Booking tab.
  • Once selected, the page would get redirected to the check-in page.
  • Fill in the Ticket Number or Reservation Code and the Passenger's Surname to get access to the booking made.
  • Subsequently, the passengers can make a successful check-in with the airline.
  • The airline would share the boarding pass with the passenger on their registered mail address once the web check-in is done. 

Mobile-App check-in with Turkish Airlines:

The passengers can use the Turkish Airlines ticket download app iOS or Android as per the device's compatibility. Once logged in, they can check in with the credentials required so as to proceed with the check-in process. The boarding pass would be made available after this step, which the passenger can directly show at the counter for airport security check-in. 

Check-in at the airport:

The passenger can check in for the tickets purchased at the airport counters. They need to reach the airport well before the assigned departure time of the airline. Once there, they can directly ask for assistance from the staff at the counter by submitting the required documents for check-in. The staff would help the passenger with the check-in process by verifying all the details being submitted.

Turkish Airlines Download Boarding Pass

Sometimes, people who have made their reservation with Turkish Airlines flights get curious about their flight check-in and boarding pass since they have their scheduled departure soon. So here, with this post's data, you will learn about all the information regarding printing mobile boarding passes at airports and checking in.

How To Get A Boarding Pass Turkish Airlines?

If a person has never traveled with Turkish Airlines flights or with any airline, the passenger may be wondering how he can get a boarding pass on Turkish Airlines flights. On Turkish Airlines, passengers who make an online check-in via the airline website will get a mobile boarding pass, and those who check in at the airport can get printed boarding passes. You can read the below instructions to get the boarding passes via web check-in on Turkish Airlines flights:

  • You can go to the Turkish Airline official website.
  • Then, you need to visit the Airline's "web check-in" screen.
  • You need to enter your reservation details, like confirmation code and surname.
  • After that, click the continue button and review your booking details.
  • Then, select your seats and verify your ticket.
  • Complete the Turkish Airlines check-in procedure and tap "confirm your flight check-in."
  • Now, you will get the mobile boarding pass for your reservation ticket.
  • Then, download your mobile boarding pass.
  • You can print your boarding pass or show it to the airport check-in counter.

How To Get A Turkish Airline Boarding Pass at the Airport?

If a person can't perform the web check-in for their Turkish Airlines flights, So, in this event, the passenger can make a flight check-in at the airport for the Turkish Airlines Download Boarding Pass via the check-in counter or at the kiosk. Passengers can go to the kiosk and perform the steps to do flight check-in. They need to enter their booking information and then review their ticket details to avoid any problems while boarding. Then, once the passenger completes the check-in, he will get the option to download your boarding pass and then need to print it. Print your boarding pass on the paper and board your scheduled Turkish Airline departure.

How to add Turkish Airlines Boarding Pass to Apple Wallet?

Suppose a person has made a flight check-in for their Turkish Airline booking and wants to add their boarding pass to the Apple wallet. So, here are two ways to add a boarding pass to an Apple wallet: via the Turkish Airlines mobile application, website, or email. You can follow the below steps to add a boarding pass to your Apple Wallet via the airline application:

  • You need to install or update the mobile application of Turkish Airlines and then open the app.
  • If you have already made flight check-in, your reservation itinerary will be visible on your device's screen when you go to your trip section.
  • In case you haven't checked in for your booking, then sign in to your booking by using your reservation PNR number and surname.
  • Once you complete the check-in, you will get your boarding pass.
  • Now, you will see an option of "add to Apple wallet" when you have your boarding pass.
  • Tap on that button.
  • Confirm to add a boarding pass to Apple Wallet.
  • Now, it will be added to your Apple wallet, and then you can access it through the application or your home screen.

Do I Need to Print a Boarding Pass for Turkish Airlines?

Yes, people may need to print their Turkish Airlines boarding pass, which depends on the airport authorities from which you will take your scheduled departure with Turkish Airlines flights. If a person makes a flight check-in via a kiosk, which is a self-service machine, or through the check-in counter available at the airport, then you can easily get the paper boarding pass to board your flight. Some airports allow you to present a mobile boarding pass so you can check the airport check-in guidelines.

Conclusion: The passengers would now have much better clarity on Turkish Airlines along with the detailed process to download the ticket purchased with a special focus on providing details about; Is there any app for Turkish Airlines?; which would help them to communicate with the airline accordingly.

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