How To Get an Air Canada E-Boarding Pass Online?

When Should We Download an Air Canada Boarding Pass?

Air Canada is one of the major airlines in Canada that deals with many flights that will make your journey more affordable and hassle-free. The flights are categorized into different classes so that you can get different benefits and make your trip worth it. Once you have booked your flight, then, the left part is the boarding pass by which you board your flight at the respective terminal, but the question is, How to get an Air Canada boarding pass online? You will get an Air Canada boarding pass online once you are checked in successfully, and for that, follow the below-discussed online check-in procedure that is easy and can be accessible from your preferred location. 

  • Open the official page of Air Canada.
  • Now click on the check-in tab and enter your booking reference number, then your last name.
  • After that, you can see the flight details under which you can choose your seat (If you want to); otherwise, click on the check-in button.
  • At last, follow the on-screen instruction and complete the check-in process.
  • The airline will drop the boarding pass along with the terminal and seat information at your registered email address.  

You can download your Air Canada e-boarding pass 48 to 60 minutes prior to the flight departure time. You can download the boarding pass by entering the email address or mobile number at the airline's official app. It will be helpful because you can carry it anywhere without any fear of losing it. You can keep it on your phone or on other systems. 

How To Add an Air Canada Boarding Pass to an Apple Wallet?

You can also add your Air Canada boarding pass to your Apple wallet and carry it at the airport during the check-in process as well. It will make your task easier so you can board your flight more quickly than others. You can follow the below-written steps to add the boarding pass to apple wallet.

  • Open any of the apps, emails, or notifications in which your boarding pass has been kept.
  • At the following app, click on the Add to apple wallet button, then follow the onscreen instruction and tap on the Add button located at the upper right corner. 

How Do I Get My Air Canada Boarding Pass on Google Wallet?

If you have Android, then it is easier to add the Air Canada boarding pass on Google Wallet. Just run your eyes through the below-discussed method, which is written in bullet points for better understanding.

  • Go to the email app or website with your boarding pass.
  • Search for your boarding pass. Then if it is an email, then you can open the pdf then center the Qr code on your screen. 
  • Press and hold the power as well as the volume button together for a few seconds. This will take the screenshot.
  • Now go to the saved screenshot and click on add to google wallet button. After that, click on the save option.
  • After that, click on the view boarding pass option, and the pass will be added to the Google wallet.

You can also view your boarding pass without any internet connection. You just have to open the google wallet in the Google pay app, then at the top right corner , touch on the wallet option.

  • Now touch on the bottom of the screen and swipe up, then tap on the ticket. 
  • At last, you can show the barcode or QR code at the counter to scan it, and, after that, catch your flight. 

If you want to enquire about the Air Canada boarding pass check-in information, then you can connect with the customer service executive at the toll-free number of Air Canada 1 (888) 247-2262, available 24 hours and seven days. 

How Do I Check in 24 Hours Before My Flight to Air Canada?

Air Canada is the standard and largest air carrier in Canada. It is known to arrange flights for large scheduled passengers, allowing travelers to travel from one place to another. Like every airway, they also offer a flight check-in facility before 24 hours. Many travelers think it is an intimidating process, and they do not know much about How do I check in 24 hours before my flight with Air Canada, which is essential for passengers using their flight services. Travelers can get all the detailed information about the check-in facility without any problems.

How To Make a Web Check-in for Air Canada?

The Airlines have simplified how to get web check-in details about Air Canada. They need to go with the specific procedures to avail the facility.

  • Travelers can go to the standard website and log in to their accounts with a registered email id.
  • They can click on the plan at the top of the menu bar to show the check-in option.
  • Choose the check-in option and fill in details like booking reference/Aeroplane/ticket number and traveler's last name.
  • Once travelers check in, they can take a printout at home or have a copy of it on passengers' smartphones.

Also, they need to make an online check within 24 hours of its deadline.

What is the Exact Time for Check-in at Air Canada?

Airlines provide a hurdle-free check-in option for travelers, and it is crucial to keep track of check-in times when they are going on specific trips. To know about Air Canada Check-in Times, to avoid any misleading air travel. Usually, last-minute check-in causes stress in travelers' minds, so they can choose early to prevent further delays.

  • Check-in for domestic flights: Travelers should be at least 90 mins before boarding time if they travel within Canada.
  • Check-in for international flights: They can arrive at least 3 hours at the Airport before departure in case of international destinations.

Does Air Canada Offer Mobile Check-in?

Travelers can download the Air Canada app on their smartphones to avail check-in facility. The Air Canada app is available for both Android and iPhone. Also, they can use Air Canada Mobile Check-in, which is very easy to use in the following ways. But, passengers should have internet access to use it with mobile phones.

  • They can access the app from and click on the check-in option.
  • Fill out all essential details like an airplane, booking reference number, and last name to proceed.
  • Travelers can enter departure city details and select the passengers checking in for the flight.

Airport of Air Canada Self-Serve Kiosk

It is also an excellent option for check-in at the Airport. If travelers have enough time and reach the Airport before 12 hours anyhow, they can take all the necessary details about Air Canada Check-in Baggage, and the service is available at almost all major airports.

The Airways not only provided various check-in options but also showed a feasible way to get essential details of boarding passes and tags on luggage. Also, all the mentioned methods resolved the problem of How Soon Can I Check-in with Air Canada, and detailed information is correct and taken from official websites only. 

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