How Much Compensation will I get for a Cancelled TUI Flight?

TUI Delayed Flight Compensation:

TUI has been named the World's Leisure Airline for the last five years, but sometimes, flight delays can happen due to technical faults in aircraft, bad weather conditions, and other issues. Airlines respect the traveler's emotions as they understand that last-minute flight cancellation can be frustrating, so there is little guidance to avoid the inconvenience; every passenger must know if the scheduled Flight is delayed and the process of claiming TUI Delayed Flight Compensation you can find in the below-mentioned information. Passengers are eligible to get compensation under a few circumstances.

  • Delayed Flight: You can claim compensation for a delayed flight up to 3 or more hours.
  • Flight Cancellation: TUI passengers can submit the claim request for the canceled Flight and get compensation only if the Flight is wholly canceled and the alternative Flight is unsuitable.
  • Denied Boarding: A person can claim compensation from TUI if boarding is restricted due to overbooking.
  • Missed Connection: If the customer missed a connecting flight, you can fill out the delay form to get the compensation.

How To Claim Compensation for Delayed TUI Flights?

If the customer wants compensation for a delayed flight, it is better to claim it via submitting the claim form or directly calling the helpdesk Assistant. If you try to claim it through compensation companies, they will cut the refund amount for their services. The Airline will take 14 days to refund the claim amount in the traveler's bank account, but the process will take longer during busy days. There are specific steps that customers must follow to make a delayed flight claim.

  • You must go to the TUI official website.
  • A person should scroll the homepage and click on the destination tab mentioned on the menu bar.
  • Passengers must click the Info, and you will see several options on the screen.
  • You are advised to choose the flight delay option, as here you will find the link to the compensation form.
  • Kindly click on it and select and fill in the correct information, for example, where you make your booking, delayed flight number, departure date, arrival - departure airport, booking reference, title, contact details, and bank details.
  • Click on the submit icon, and the customer service team will review the submitted request and get in touch to inform you whether the claim request is applicable or not.
  • If it meets the criteria, the passenger will receive the compensation amount within 14 business days to the shared bank account.

How Long Does a TUI Flight Have to be Delayed to Get Compensation?

Passengers are eligible to claim compensation if the scheduled Flight is delayed for more than three hours; not all flights that are delayed for more than 3 hours are eligible for compensation, as it depends on the circumstances. The Airline calculates the delay when the scheduled flight door opens at your planned destination airport. Sometimes, only the flights that are delayed for 4-5 hours can be considered for claim as the flight departures are delayed due to bad weather conditions, then the passenger is not liable to claim the compensation.

TUI Airways Canceled and Delayed Flight Compensation Policy:

You might be wondering under which circumstances you can claim compensation for the delayed or canceled Flight. According to the TUI Late Flight Compensation Policy, most customers can get a refund only if the Flight is delayed, canceled, denied boarding, or missed connecting flights. To know more details, we recommend you check the details below.

  • If the scheduled flight departure is delayed for up to three hours, the customers are entitled to compensation for the inconvenience.
  • TUI compensation amount depends on the distance traveled. For 1500 km to 3500 km, passengers are eligible for compensation between Euro 220 - 600.
  • A person can demand compensation if boarding is denied due to extra booking and missed connecting Flights.
  • When the TUI flight gets canceled, the traveler can demand a full refund of the ticket value.
  • Suppose the scheduled Flight got canceled due to uncontrollable circumstances such as bad weather conditions and an air traffic control strike, and the customer is not entitled to compensation.
  • If the customer is eligible for the compensation, the refund amount will depend on the flight distance.
  • If your scheduled Flight departure is delayed or canceled, the carrier will try to book the next available flight suitable for you.
  • Airlines can only accept the claim request if the delay is less than 3 hours and the passenger reaches the destination on time.
  • Sometimes, the Airline needs help finding alternative flights for the passengers, or if you arrive much later than you planned, the customer has the authority to fill out the compensation form and claim a refund for the inconvenience.

How Much is TUI Delayed Flight Compensation Per Person?

TUI delayed flight compensation per person is based on the distance covered by the booked Flight or route the customer has booked. Here, you can find How much TUI delayed flight compensation per person in the mentioned information.

  • For all flights scheduled for a distance of 1500 km and less than that, the Airline is liable to compensate 200 pounds or 250 Euros per passenger.
  • For flights that cover a distance of more than 1500 or between 1500 km and 3500 km - Passengers are liable to get 350 pounds or 400 Euros as compensation per person.
  • For Disrupted TUI flights, the customer can get compensation up to Euro 600.
  • For domestic flights that cover a distance over 1500 km, the compensation is up to 400 Euros.
  • International flights that cover a distance of more than 3500 km are entitled to claim Euros 520 - 600 per traveler.

What Can I Do if the TUI Scheduled Flight is Canceled or Delayed?

If your TUI scheduled flight is canceled or delayed for more than 3 hours, here are some essential steps you should follow.

  • Firstly, customers should call the TUI help desk Assistant and ask them why the Flight was delayed or called off.
  • Kindly collect the documents or proofs that are required to claim the compensation.
  • Passengers have the right to ask for necessities like food, water, and accommodation if the Flight is delayed overnight.
  • You can check how much compensation the Airline will offer via an online compensation calculator.

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