How Can I Change my Flight Ticket Date Etihad Online? Correct Name Spelling on Ticket

Congregate Requisite Information to Change Flight Date on Etihad Airways

Traveling is recognized as one of the ways to have a soothing experience. But in the meantime, it is the most unpredictable moment, which can be changed at any moment. So, when you have made a traveling plan with Etihad Airways, and the cause of the visit gets postponed, then you can change the flight dates efficiently. However, a date change is dependent on multiple factors, and you can render information about those from the bottom titles.

What is Etihad Airways Flight Date Change Policy?

When you have to change a flight date, then you are on Etihad Airways, then you can be governed according to its terms and conditions. Further, you can secure detailed information by going through Etihad Change Flight Policy, and the information about those can be secured at the bottom points:-

  • When you have to change a date within 24 hours of booking, and there is a difference of seven days in the departure of a flight, then you could be excluded from any kind of penalty.
  • If you have crossed this grace period, then you could have to pay and date change fees. It could depend on the routes and fare types.  
  • When a reason for a flight date is illness or medical emergency, then sole authority lies upon the airline for approval. If your case gets approved, then you do not have to pay a fee.
  • When a voluntary cancellation takes place, or a delay occurs more than three without any prior information, then you can also make a change without any cost.
  • A ticket is availed from a travel agent could depend on them for a change, not the airline.

How Do I Change my Flight on Etihad Airways?

When you qualify for changing a date on Etihad Airways by its policies, then you can use distinct modes for that. One of them is a call, and the phone number is 1 (877) 690-0767. Another form is online, and a guide for Etihad change flight date is written at the bottom:-

  • Go to Etihad Airways site 
  • Further, click on the manage icon 
  • After that, submit your ticket number and last name
  • Then, choose a change date icon and select one
  • Further, pay the cost and update your itinerary. 

How Can I Change my Etihad Flight Date for Free? 

A date change on Etihad Airways could be conducted by paying an additional amount, but not in every condition. So, when you are into any of these conditions, then you might not have to pay a penny for the completion of the request. Further, the free date change states are as such:-

  1. Within 24 hours of booking
  2. Involuntarily cancelation of airfare
  3. Use miles or coupons
  4. Original flight delayed

What are Etihad Airways Flight Date Change Fees?

When your plan gets shifted to another date after buying a flight from Etihad Airways, then you can change your date, too. But in most cases, you would have to pay an Etihad Airways ticket date change fee, and that could be from $0 to $300.

Hence, when you read the above then, you can find appropriate knowledge about the date change on Etihad Airways. If you have come across anything difficult to get, then approach its customer service team.

Can I Change my Passenger Name on Etihad Airways?

Yes, passengers are permitted to change their name letters if they are printed wrongly onto their boarding pass or ticket. For the change name, you will have to use some set of official online steps because by the help of using such even points, correcting the name could be done online for your help. Now, to learn such change name steps, read the following passage for your reference. 

Online Steps to Change Name at Etihad Airways: 
  • First off, visit Etihad Airways' official website. 
  • Now login to your account as well as tap over the manage booking section 
  • Enter the booking reference code along with the last name of the passenger;
  • Further, to choose a ticket, you need to change your name online.
  • Go to name fields and correct accordingly, like last name or middle credentials, as per your convenience. 
  • Note that you are also required to attach a valid passport or any government ID for validation. 
  • Next, there may be some odd circumstances wherein you might have to pay for the fare difference for a name change. 
  • Once you complete the change name request and submit the form and it gets submitted, you will receive a confirmation email to your registered ID.

Call Request for Etihad Airways name change: To call Etihad Airways customer services, you need to have the official contact number 1-877-690-0767. Once you make the call, follow the call IVR steps and tap one of the even options; you are going to speak with a live assistant on-call and receive assistance quite appropriately.

How To Correct Spelling Mistakes in Flight Tickets to Etihad Airways?

To officially correct the name for Etihad Airways, you shall seek online as well as offline steps because then, for you, it's pretty convenient and helpful, so to know the various mediums for the name change. You shall read the following list of points.

  • Firstly, you can choose Etihad Airways' official site manage booking section for the name correction by mentioning valid certifications.
  • Next, you can contact Etihad Airways customer service representatives over call and receive instant help.
  • Or else you can visit the airport and head towards the Etihad Airways helpdesk for immediate response in reference to changing the name of your ticket.
Etihad Name Change Policy:

According to Etihad Airways' change name policy, passengers will only get permission to board the flight if the name is correct, so in reference to this, you must go through a few policies.

  • The name change condition is possible only for nonrefundable or non-restricted fares only 
  • Suppose after you put the name change request at Etihad Airways, then you should note that it cannot be reversed
  • Moreover, the name change fee is applicable per passenger per ticket 
  • Furthermore, name correction is allowed only up to here characters under the first, middle, or last name 
  • Lastly, at the time of name correction, you should provide some valid ID proofs for verification. 

Etihad Name Change Fee: For the change name, you will have to pay fees, which would depend on the class ticket you bought. It will start from $150 to $350, and you will be able to receive an appropriate set of guidance online at the time of change procedure at Etihad Airways.

Etihad Cancelled My Flight

Did Etihad Airways cancel your flight? If you have made an early flight reservation with the airline and your flight gets canceled, then the passenger might even think about how to get a refund if Etihad Cancelled my Flight. One can easily apply for a refund through the airline's official website and get the amount back. You can easily connect with the customer support team of the airline if you face any queries or issues. 

What is the Online Flight Cancellation Process of Etihad Airways? 

Airlines have provided various ways through which you can easily cancel the flight. But if someone is looking for the most convenient option for the cancellation of the flight, then they must choose the online option. 

You can follow the steps mentioned here below to cancel the flight through the online mode: 

  • The initial step is to move to the official website of Etihad Airways. 
  • Then, you need to click on the "Manage Bookings" section. 
  • Afterward, provide the booking reference code details and the passenger's name. 
  • Now, click the "Find my reservation/Search Booking" tab. 
  • Details of the flight summary will be available on the page. 
  • Select the flight to cancel and click on the "Cancel" tab. 
  • You will be required to review all the details before confirming. 
  • Now click on the Submit tab. 
  • After that, proceed with the payment of the cancellation fee. 
  • Once the proceedings are completed, the confirmation message will be sent to the email ID and phone number.
How Do You Cancel the Flight through the Phone Number? 

If people cannot cancel the flight through the online mode or if they cannot apply for a refund, then they might even wonder: Can I get my money back if I cancel my flight Etihad? The customer can also cancel the flight using the airline's official number. Connecting with the agent through a call is the most convenient and reliable way. Call the Toll-Free number +1 (877) 690-0767, then listen to the on-call instructions. Select the key for the flight cancellation, and the call will instantly get on hold. The official agent of the airline will soon be available to provide the solutions and discuss the issue with you. 

What is the Flight Cancellation Policy of Etihad Airways? 

The customer might also be curious about the Etihad Cancellation Policy and its guidelines. The major points related to the cancellation policy of the airlines are mentioned below: 

  • If the traveler cancels the flight within 24 hours of reservation, then no cancellation fee will be charged to the passenger, and a full refund will be provided. But the necessary condition is that the flight departure must be after at least seven days or more. 
  • The airline will charge a specific cancellation fee if the passenger cancels the flight after 24 hours of booking. The fee charged by the airlines will depend upon the ticket type. 
  • If the flight cancellation is due to a medical emergency, the airline will provide a full refund, but supporting medical documents must be submitted. 

Flight Cancellation Fee 

The customers must know about the Etihad Cancellation Feewhich is AED 150. Airlines usually deduct 10% from the airfare as the flight cancellation fee. The fee will vary according to the route and destination.

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