How To Change Flight Date EgyptAir? Cost To Change Seat

Reliable Information on Change Fee and Processes at EgyptAir

Egyptair is a flag carrier of Egypt that operates flights to more than 70 destinations and offers various services to its passengers. After reserving your flight seat with Egyptair, if you are heading with the flight change process because of the sudden change in your traveling plan, then you can head with the process as there are various ways through which you can head with this mode, and to grab more details regarding the procedure, go through the information that is mentioned below.

How Much Does it Cost To Change Flights on EGYPTAIR?

According to the Airline flight change policy, if you have changed your flight after the risk-free period provided by the Airline, you have to pay the flight changing Fee, which is around 200 UDS for domestic flights. If you have changed your international flight, you might have to pay around 275 USD as a flight change fee to the Airline, but it also varies depending on the circumstance.

How Can I Change My Scheduled Flight on EgyptAir?

If you are heading through the flight change process and wonder “How to change your flight date Egyptair” well, the Airline provides different modes to change your scheduled flight. To learn about the method, look at the information mentioned below.

Method 1. Change your Flight Through the Website.

The most convenient way to proceed with the flight change process is through the Airline website, where you can make the changes to your scheduled flight on your own as this is the self-service method, where you can mention all your details regarding the flight change. To proceed, look at the steps cited below.

  • Visit the Egyptair official website and visit the “My Booking” page.
  • Enter the six-digit booking number and the last name of the passenger.
  • You will locate the flight change tab; click on it to proceed.
  • Mention your rescheduled date, time, destination, and other needful details
  • Pay the flight change fee, as shown on the screen.
  • After that, you will get a confirmation email for your flight change
Method 2. Make A Call to Egyptair Customer Support.

In case you are having any issues with the flight change process through the Airline website, then you can proceed by making a call to the Airline helpline number and ask the live person on the call to make the changes in your scheduled flight as per your requirement, take a look at the steps that are mentioned below.

  • Call the Egyptair Airline customer care helpline number 1 (212) 581-5600.
  • Select your preferred language to get assistance and the flight change option from the given IVR.
  • The agent will get on the line and provide your flight details to the person on the call.
  • Give him the reason for the flight change and your new travel date, time, and destination.
  • You can pay your flight change fee with a card over the phone.
  • And then later, you will receive a confirmation email regarding your changed flight.
Method 3. At the Airport

You can also directly head to the Airport and ask the live person at Egyptair to change your scheduled flight as per your requirement by providing him with all your necessary information regarding your changed flight date, time, and others. Then the agent will make certain changes as asked.

Egyptair Flight Change Policy

Every Airline has its terms and conditions. To know the rules about the Egyptair flight change process, go through the EGYPTAIR Change Policy points mentioned below and understand the rules of the Airline.

  • When the flight reservation is made through a third party, you must contact the travel agent for the change process.
  • Chang your Egypair flight within 24 hours of your booking time to avoid paying the flight change fee to the Airline.
  • If you have changed your flight after the given window, you must pay the flight changing Fee to Egyptair Airline.
  • Due to a medical emergency, the Airline might not charge a fee if you have changed your flight, you have to submit the relevant documents to the Airline.

Is there a way to change the Egyptair flight date for free?

Yes, there is a way to change your Egyptair flight date for a fee to avoid paying the flight change fee to the Airline; make sure you cancel your flight within 24 hours of your flight reservation time, as in that condition, the Airline does not charge you for the penalty, else you can also pay the flight change fee through the miles points and vouchers.

How Much Does it Cost to Change a Flight Seat at Egyptair?

Amongst the process of changing your flight ticket, the Airline also provides you with the option to change your flight seat, where you get the seat change provided by the Airline and choose the one as per your comfort. However, you have to pay the EgyptAir change seat Fee, which is around 35 USD; the amount also varies on your seat type and destination. You can speak to the Airline's customer support and get assistance to know the accurate digit.

Can I Change my Name on the Egypgtair Flight Ticket?

During the process of flight booking, if you have entered your name incorrectly on the flight ticket or else you want to make some other changes to it, then you can head with the Egyptair Change Name on Ticket process, as it can also be done through different ways, you can pick your preferred mode to head with the process.

  • Name change through the website - you can change your name through the Airline website by entering all your flight details on the manage booking page and mentioning the correct information by tapping the “change my name” option. Then, the Airline will provide you with an upgraded flight ticket.
  • Call the Airline customer support - you can also call Airline customer support and ask the agent to make the requested changes to your name, and the agent from the Airline will make the certain changes.

Egypt Air Name Correction Policy

Before proceeding with the process, go through the Airline name change fee and understand the Airline's rules and regulations; a few points are mentioned below.

  • You can add your middle name on the Egyptair flight ticket for a fee.
  • The Airline does not allow you to change your name completely.
  • You can only change up to 3 characters in your full name.
  • You can change the initials in your name for free of cost.
  • To avoid paying the name change fee, complete the process within 24 hours of your flight booking.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Change an EgyptAir Flight Other Than the Online Process?

Yes, you can also contact the airline and make the changes to the booking you hold. You can get to connect with the airline for help at +1-212-581-5600. Soon, an executive will get back to you so that you can find their solutions. 

How Do I Avoid Paying the Change Fee on EgyptAir?

You can skip paying the change fee and make the changes without a fee when you get this done within the risk-free time. You can easily get this done as per the fare rules. Also, if the ticket is booked with premium class, you can, in this case, skip the payment for any changes.

When can I make changes to my EgyptAir Flight?

The changes you are looking to make with a flight booked with EgyptAir can undergo the same until 4 hours before the flight and start when the booking is confirmed. You can get this done from the online procedure. 

Can I Change My Seat on EGYPTAIR?

Yes, you have the option for an EgyptAir Seat Change if you want to change your Seat for a comfortable and exciting journey. You can change your Seat at EgyptAir through the ways below:

  • Online through their website by Entering the Booking Reference Number and Last name.
  • By calling the EgyptAir customer service number at 1717-0900700000.

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